Advantages and characteristics of automatic induction doors


The induction door mainly refers to the control system […]

The induction door mainly refers to the control system of the door switch is realized by the induction method. According to the different induction methods, it can be divided into infrared induction door, microwave induction door, swipe sensor door, touch induction door, etc.; now generally refers to the induction door Refers to: sliding induction door and flat opening induction door. "Induction" refers to a door opening mode in automatic doors. According to the production process, the induction door is divided into: framed door and frameless door. Generally, the door body is made of tempered glass, stainless steel plate, color steel plate, etc. or some special materials.

  The advantages of automatic door sensor automatic door unit
   1. The microcomputer control module is designed with exquisite design, uses 220V power supply, and has a wide range of applications, without the need for additional transformers.
  2. The drive device adopts a high-efficiency, high-torque, small-volume DC brushless motor, and the gearbox adopts a spiral gear operation mode, which is quiet, stable, durable, not easy to wear, and not afraid of high and low temperature weather.
  3. Rebound automatically in case of resistance to avoid pinching people and damage to the unit.
  4. The motor device has a self-locking function, which effectively improves safety.
  5. The vibration-absorbing and sound-absorbing guide rail designed and manufactured by precision engineering has stable operation, low noise and long service life.
  6. ​​Unique functional module design, which can connect a variety of sensors and access control systems.
  7. The functional terminal board is equipped with two-way power insurance, which greatly protects the core main components from damage due to unstable voltage and illegal operations, reducing losses and facilitating inspection and maintenance.
   8. The use of remote control device can make the door automatic door sensor: lock, unlock, only enter but not out, only out but not in, fully open, half open, make the door colorful.

 Automatic induction door features:
   Reliability: Intelligent microcomputer controller directly adjusts operating parameters, accurate action instructions and self-learning function make the drive device run smoothly, safe and reliable.
   Large torque and high efficiency: The driving device adopts high efficiency, large torque, small volume DC brushless motor, and the gear box adopts helical gears, which makes the operation faster and quieter, and the braking is stable.
   Convenience: Good modular design makes construction very simple. Just fix the various components on the power beam according to the instructions, then connect the power supply to other interfaces, and then power on to run.
  Safety: The door will automatically rebound when it encounters an obstacle and open quickly to avoid pinching incidents and unit damage.
   Applicability: The standard configuration can be connected to a variety of additional accessories, suitable for various occasions and environmental needs.
   Economical: It can realize the appropriate adjustment function of opening the door of the flow of people in and out to save energy.