An Introduction to the Lift Platform


The lift platform goes by several names such as cherry […]

The lift platform goes by several names such as cherry picker and scissor lift. They are typically used to provide temporary, flexible access for those in the maintenance and construction industries. The fact that they are temporary is the main thing that sets them off from elevators. They are able to carry a limited amount of weight at a time, typically below a ton. Their single person controls make them convenient for several different applications. Regardless of what specific task they are used for, they typically offer plenty of added features such as electric outlets and compressed air connectors for the use of certain power tools.

The platform lift comes in a large variety of different models, each one with different features that make it better suited for a specific type of job. The three main types include the aerial device, scissor lift, and hotel lift. However there are several others that are on the market as well including the wheelchair lift, self propelled units, and truck mounted units. The most commonly used model is the aerial device which is usually referred to as a cherry picker because it was first used as a harvesting tool in orchards. The scissor lift can only be raised in a vertical position and uses a set of supports which fold in an X position. The hotel lift is much smaller and is used for everyday maintenance tasks such as changing a light bulb.

Control is an important aspect of the lift platform and as such they typically offer power assisted drive. This, along with the functions of the lift itself, is controlled entirely by a single operator in many cases. It is common for two sets of controls to be installed, one that is installed in the platform itself and another at the base of the machine. In case power is lost and the controls no longer function, certain failsafes are built-in such as an emergency switch that will lower the lift by releasing the hydraulic or pneumatic pressure. Controls will be different depending on the type of mode you buy, but typically include a series of buttons and a joystick.

As you can see, the lift platforms can be used in many different instances and because it is so versatile it is often used instead of more traditional ascension methods such as the ladder and scaffolding. If you are unsure about purchasing them ,visit Aoyama elevator global ltd: