Application status of car elevator


Car elevator is a special elevator that solves the prob […]

Car elevator is a special elevator that solves the problem of vertical transportation of cars.
The development of human beings is in an infinite process, but the development of cities is in a limited space. The three-dimensional urban architecture corresponds to the three-dimensional urban traffic. In order to solve the problem of urban three-dimensional traffic, car elevators have gone from dream to reality. The standard load of car elevator is 3000KG, 5000KG. The speed is 0.25-0.5m/s. As an important vehicle for vertical transportation, compared with traditional car ramps, car elevators can save 80% of the building area and more than 2 times the car turnover efficiency.
Application status

Most passenger cars are concentrated in cities. With the expansion of cities and the development of three-dimensionality, car elevators are produced and developed rapidly.
There are two widely used at present.

(1) Hydraulic car elevator. It occupies a position in low-rise buildings with the advantages of safety and reliability, convenient machine room installation, etc. Among them, there are many cars specially designed for automobiles, and there are also cars with photoelectric door opening systems, which are suitable for automobile use.

(2) Traction car elevator. In the cities of our country, the majority of this kind of elevators are still traditional traction elevators. This kind of elevators have developed from traction freight elevators and occupy a certain market share with the advantages of mature technology and low cost.
In the context of the growing scale of modern cities, car elevators serving passenger cars also have broad prospects for development. In contrast, traction elevators have been developed from traditional traction freight elevator technology. At this stage, they can basically meet the three-dimensional development needs of modern cities. However, in the long run, hydraulic elevators are convenient in layout, energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and can be adapted to future automobiles. The development trend of elevators.

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