Common faults and maintenance methods of access control systems


Access control system, in the field of intelligent buil […]

Access control system, in the field of intelligent building, referred to as ACS. Refers to the prohibition authority of the "door", which is a guard against the "door". The "door" here, in a broad sense, includes various passages that can pass, including doors for people to pass, doors for vehicles to pass, and so on. Therefore, access control includes vehicle access control. In parking lot management applications, vehicle access control is an important means of vehicle management. It does not aim at charging parking fees, but mainly manages vehicle access rights. Here is a summary and analysis of the common faults and maintenance methods of the access control system:

(1) The door cannot be opened with a valid card
1. Check whether the electric control lock is normal Check the power supply or replace the electric control lock
2. Whether the bolt and the buckle are mechanically stuck, repair the mechanical failure or replace the parts
3. Check the indicator light on the control board, whether the communication between the control board and the module is normal. Remove the fault
4. Check whether the communication between the card reader and the module is normal. Troubleshoot
5. Is the information day closing command set? Adjust the opening time through software
6. Does the operator initialize the access control system or other commands through the software to reauthorize

(2) The access control communication fails
1. Check whether the serial port is set incorrectly (determine the serial port used)
2. Check whether there is a short circuit or open circuit in the access control communication bus (exclude short circuit and open circuit in the communication line)
3. Check that the communication chip 75184 of the RS485 communication card is damaged (replace the communication chip 75148)
4. RS485 communication card is damaged (replace RS485 communication card)
5. Check whether the crystal plug of the network cable is ready, check whether the network cable is connected, and ping the address of the access control controller

(3) Unfinished extraction of access control records
Clear the access controller, reload time

(4) The LED indicator of the card reader is always green, if the card is not read, the door lock has been opened, and the communication is normal
1. The operator sets the state of the access controller to normally open, or other reasons cause the controller to be in the normally open state;
2. Controller failure;
Set the state of the door lock controller to normal. If the fault still exists, replace the controller.

(5) IC card cannot be read
1. The IC card has been set for the effective time period of card reading when the IC card is authorized (can be set for all-day card reading)
2. The access control controller is abnormally hot (replace the access control motherboard)
3. Access control read-write antenna (adjust the fine-tuning capacitor to enhance the reading distance)

(6) The communication between the computer and the controller is unstable, sometimes good and sometimes bad, and there is no fixed rule.
Possible Causes:
1. Use of signal wires that do not meet the requirements or poor quality signal wires;
2. The signal line is not laid in a standard way, such as the signal line and the power line in the same tube;

Although the access control system is not very complicated, it is also recommended that you contact a professional access control maintenance company for repair as soon as there is a problem.