Common sense of elevator procurement (1)


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1. Customization of foundation pit and hoistway
First of all, although elevators of the same weight have the same hoistway size and depth of the foundation pit, there are still certain differences between elevators of different brands. Therefore, when issuing a design assignment to the design institute, it should provide the design institute with all the elevator brands and elevator models that you want to use in the future, so that the design institute can design according to the brands with the greatest requirements for hoistways and foundation pits. Therefore, if you intervene from the beginning of the project construction, you must pay attention to the size of the foundation pit and hoistway.

2. Selection of Ladder Speed
The elevator speeds of commonly used elevators are basically divided into: 1.0 m/s, 1.5 m/s (1.6 m/s), 1.75 m/s (1.8 m/s), 2.0 m/s, 2.5 m/s, 3 m/s
Wait, the higher the elevator speed, the more complicated the manufacturing process and the more expensive the elevator. Under normal circumstances, according to the fire protection regulations, the elevator must complete the operation from the first floor to the top floor of the building within 1 minute, so you can calculate the elevator speed you need according to the height of the building. That is: if the building is 100m high, then
100m/60s=1.667, in this case, select a ladder speed of 1.75 m/s or 1.8 m/s.

3. Choice of deadweight
Generally, it is good to decide according to the flow of people. Generally, 800kg elevators are used for residential buildings, and at least 1,000kg or more should be used for public buildings. If you choose an elevator with a smaller load, you can choose an elevator decoration that looks to enlarge the space.


4. Material of hall door, door frame and car decoration
The materials of hall doors, door frames, and car decorations are classified according to their grades from high to low: etched steel plate, mirror steel plate, hairline steel plate, and sprayed steel plate. Etched steel plate is based on mirror steel plate or hairline steel plate, with various patterns etched. This kind of decoration is beautiful and gorgeous, and is generally suitable for medium and high-end commercial public construction.
Mirror steel plate is cheaper than etched steel plate. It is also a mid-to-high grade elevator decoration. It is made of polished stainless steel plate like mirror. Such decoration will increase the sense of space in the elevator, and at the same time enhance the practicality (in terms of beauty lovers, it can also prevent elevator satyrs). However, the defect of the mirror steel plate is that due to its fine production, this steel plate is very afraid of abrasion. After a long period of use, there will be many scratches on the surface and need to be replaced, which increases future operating costs.
Hairline stainless steel is a commonly used elevator decoration for high-end residential or low-end public buildings. The shape of the hairline on the hairline stainless steel plate can be selected. The hairline steel plate looks a bit high-end, but it is very durable. It is used more elevator decoration.
The price of sprayed steel plate is the cheapest, and there are a variety of colors and patterns to choose from. It is suitable for small apartment houses with mostly young people or various buildings with lower budgets. The topcoat of sprayed steel plate is also easy to wear and needs to be replaced regularly.
The interior and exterior decoration of elevators provided by elevator manufacturers are simple, and artistic processing or luxurious decoration (such as all marble veneers, the addition of luxurious handrails, mirrors, etc.) requires a special decoration construction unit to complete.


5. Choice of large and small door covers
As the name implies, the bigger the door cover, the more expensive it is. The so-called door cover refers to the same material as the hall door, covering the entire wall thickness and outer edge of the hall door. For low-grade public buildings or residential buildings, you can choose a large door cover for the entrance hall on the first floor, and a small door cover for other floors. If you want a luxurious decoration, you can also choose to let the elevator manufacturer provide a small door cover, and then decorate the door cover of other materials by yourself

6. Selection of traction machine (motor)
The traction machine is the heart of the entire elevator and the core product of every brand elevator. The various parts of the elevator actually come from many manufacturers, but a good traction machine must be produced by the elevator manufacturer.
The recommended choice is: permanent magnet synchronous gearless traction machine.
Advantages: low noise. Smooth and comfortable. Small size (saving room space). The most important: power saving. Save a considerable part of operating expenses.

7. Single control or group control
Group-controlled elevators can centrally manage the call elevators, save electricity, and reduce the number of call panels outside the hall during the initial investment. In general, the parallel passenger elevators in the same area can be controlled in groups, and the freight elevators can be controlled individually. High-rise or super-high-rise, can be divided into high and low areas and group control.

8. Door machine system
The current mainstream door operator system is a variable frequency door operator system. Of course, the names of various brands are different, but they are basically the same. The most important thing to pay attention to in the procurement process is: choose light curtain or touch panel. (If you need a high degree of security, regardless of budget, the light curtain and touch panel are safe to use together)
First of all, what is a touch panel. The touch panel is another protruding inner panel between the elevator hall doors. If the touch panel is squeezed (pinched to a person) when the elevator door is closed, the elevator hall door will automatically reopen. The touch panel was invented earlier and belongs to the old technology. The previous elevators used touch panels. The disadvantage is that some touch panels, if the strength is not adjusted well, it will be very painful to clamp people.
The light curtain is a newer process than the touch panel. It releases a number of infrared light beams inside the hall door. If the light beam on the left side of the door is not aligned with the light beam on the right side of the door, the hall door will remain open.
But pay attention when purchasing: the more light curtain harnesses, the safer, and of course the higher the price. When preparing the bidding documents, you should at least specify the minimum light curtain harness you need.