How does the elevator system deal with noise?


As the vibration and noise of the hydraulic system of t […]

As the vibration and noise of the hydraulic system of the elevator itself is inevitable, and in recent years, with the development of hydraulic technology in the direction of high speed, high pressure and high power, the noise of the hydraulic system has become increasingly serious, and has become a factor that hinders the further development of hydraulic technology. If the sound exceeds 70db, it becomes noise, which makes people sound extremely uncomfortable, and even makes people irritable. Noise has been paid more and more attention as pollution. Therefore, it is of positive and far-reaching significance to study and analyze the mechanism of hydraulic noise and vibration, thereby reducing and reducing vibration and noise, and improving the performance of hydraulic systems.


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In order to reduce noise, it is necessary to carry out an actual investigation of the noise source, measure and analyze the sound pressure level of the hydraulic system, and perform frequency analysis, so as to grasp the size and frequency characteristics of the noise source and take corresponding measures. In the hydraulic transmission system of the elevator, each component or part has different levels of noise and transmission noise. Since there is more than one type of noise in the hydraulic system, the final value is the composite value. Generally speaking, the noise of the hydraulic system is nothing more than mechanical There are two types of noise and fluid noise.
The elevator uses low-noise motors and elastic couplings to reduce vibration and noise caused by this link; anti-vibration rubber pads should be installed on the mounting surfaces of motors, hydraulic pumps and hydraulic valves; try to use hydraulic integrated blocks to replace pipes, In order to reduce vibration; use accumulators and rubber hoses to reduce vibration caused by pressure pulsation, accumulators can absorb noise below 10hz, and high-frequency noise is very effective with hydraulic hoses; use sound-absorbing materials The sound insulation cover can effectively reduce the noise on the hydraulic pump cover; a deflation device should be installed in the system.

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