How to install and test automatic doors


The standard automatic door machine mainly includes the […]

The standard automatic door machine mainly includes the following accessories:

Controller, motor, track, sensor, remote control, tail wheel, belt, hanging wheel, connecting frame, wiring terminal.

The optional accessories of automatic door machine are:

Automatic glass door clip, safety light (anti-pinch device), wireless hand switch, access control machine, automatic door magnetic lock, automatic door remote control, etc.

Automatic door installation
Automatic door installation has the characteristics of "easy to learn but difficult to master". Although the utilization rate of automatic door industry is becoming more and more common now, its own professionalism is still not absolutely universal. Automatic door installation, without professional technology and rich installation experience, it is generally impossible to directly complete the installation process, which will cause various failures in the future use of the automatic door.
The correct choice of automatic doors can ensure that we get good after-sales service in the use of automatic doors. Precautions for automatic door purchase and installation:

Project construction instructions

1. Before installation and construction, go to the construction site to find out whether the site conditions meet the construction requirements. For example: the power supply must be delivered, whether the ground is level, and everything meets the construction conditions before construction can begin.

2. Measure the size of the door opening, discuss the production requirements with Party A, then make construction drawings as required and submit them to Party A for approval.

3. The frame and door leaf (including skeleton, stainless steel, glass, etc.) are made according to the drawings except Party A's production.

4. The installation and construction can be carried out after all the preliminary works are completed.

Start to install the door operator

1. For wall installation, the wall must be leveled before installation to avoid uneven track bending and noise. The flatness of the mounting surface of the guide rail should be less than 1.5mm. For wall installation, the guide rail can be perforated and fixed with expansion screws, with an interval of 35~45CM.

2. The channel steel and the angle iron frame can be directly fixed with flat-head screws or self-operating screws, and the interval can be the same as the above, vertical 1-2.

3. Before installing the track, fill with a transparent water pipe (not in the pipe) to measure the level of the two ends and the middle of the guide rail. The highest point of the ground shall prevail.

4. Drill the screw holes of the guide rail, and then temporarily fix both ends of the guide rail with a screw on the wall or steel structure. After correcting the level again, confirm the accuracy and add fixation.

Note: The guide rail is generally accurate to 25mm when the door body rises. (According to the model)

5. The sensor should be installed a little outside first, usually above the center of the doorway, and the height is determined according to the site conditions. Refer to the manual for wiring.

6. Clean the guide rail before installing the electric parts, and then install the motor, electric disk, tail wheel, and transformer in the track fixing groove respectively, move it to the proper position, and install the positioning and fixing screws.

Install the door leaf

1. Put the movable door body, when the door body is installed, measure whether the upper and lower sides of the movable door body and the fixed door body are equal, approximately between 7MM~10MM, and then install the swing stopper, and then push the door to and fixed Align the door with the belt and stop plate.

2. Adjust and check. After all the above steps are completed, the installation of the automatic door is almost completed. If it does not reach the ideal, it can be adjusted as needed.


1. After the automatic door is put into use, in the initial stage, there will be a stage of running-in to correct the error caused by the operation.

2. Very few customers will replace the door leaf to give people a refreshing feeling after the automatic door has been in operation for a period of time. One thing to note is that the weight of the door leaf must be strictly limited and cannot exceed the rated load of the automatic door machine.

3. For automatic doors without safety light, people must be prevented from staying in the non-sensing range to avoid accidents.

4. The life of the electrical components of automatic doors is mainly related to improper use and accidents; the vulnerable parts under normal use conditions of automatic doors are guide rails, transmission belts and pulleys. The dynamic wear of the pulleys does not only mean that the pulleys move at a constant speed on the guide rails. More importantly, it refers to the wear of the automatic sliding door in the short-distance reciprocating acceleration movement.

5. The automatic door must be cleaned up and adjusted in a comprehensive way, usually within three months and at most one year.