How to prevent automatic revolving door tempered glass from bursting in summer


The shape of the automatic revolving door is simple and […]

The shape of the automatic revolving door is simple and beautiful. At the same time, it takes into account the two opposite safety requirements of building entrance passability and environmental isolation. It effectively plays the role of wind, dust, and sound insulation, and has the safety. It has excellent performance in security, anti-collision, speed control, etc., so as to improve the environment near the entrance.
Advantages and disadvantages of tempered glass door leaf for automatic doors
As we have seen, automatic doors are now popular. Whether it is a translational automatic door or an automatic revolving door, the door leaf is a glass device, and this kind of glass is mainly tempered glass. This is not only because tempering is safe, It has the characteristics of high strength and thermal stability, and it is also due to the super overload capacity of tempered glass that enhances the wind pressure resistance of the automatic door. However, the toughened glass of the automatic revolving door also has its fatal shortcomings, especially in the hot summer. The tempered glass of the automatic door has the nature of thermal expansion and contraction. Under the stimulation of excessively high temperature in summer, the tempered glass is easy to burst. In addition to the effect of external factors such as load and collision, the potential explosion problem of the automatic door tempered glass has become automatic nowadays. The most concerned issue of the door industry.
So how to automatically revolving door tempered glass burst? Capstone automatic door recommends that to effectively prevent the explosion of the tempered glass of the automatic revolving door, the user can take the following measures:
First, a layer of high-quality transparent safety explosion-proof film can be pasted on its surface, which is the first choice to prevent automatic door glass from bursting.
Secondly, during the use of the automatic door, the user should carefully observe whether there are abnormalities such as bumps or cracks on the edge or panel of the tempered glass. If such phenomena occur, they should contact the manufacturer in time to deal with or replace them.
Finally, when buying automatic revolving doors, consumers must first pay attention to choosing automatic door products from regular brand manufacturers. After purchasing automatic doors, users must use them correctly in accordance with the product instructions.