Precautions for installation of automatic induction door


Precautions for installation of automatic induction doo […]

Precautions for installation of automatic induction door

1: Install the aluminum alloy brake beam first, and be sure to keep it level during installation, otherwise the working force will be unevenly stressed after the installation is completed, and the wear will be aggravated.

2: Use the door hanging bolt assembly to hang and install the door, and pay attention to keeping the center position of the pulley parallel to the door.

3: Install the limit device on the guide rail of the power beam, and adjust the position by adjusting the limiter bolt.

4: After the door body is installed, adjust the height of the door body and the position of the gap, and adjust the hanger fixing nut to ensure that there is no dead weight or friction sound when the door body is walking and moving.

5: Adjust the belt tension. The belt should be kept taut when stretching, and all pressure plate bolts should be tightened.

6: When installing the ground wheel, the upper and lower gaps of the door body should be consistent.

7: If the control system cannot work smoothly, it needs to be adjusted. Manually detect the door body first, then cut

8: Finally install the sensing probe, after opening and installing the sensor, adjust the probe. Pay attention to adjust the appropriate angle, not to touch the antenna. The automatic induction door drive control cabinet and the automatic detection device are fixedly installed on the steel beam, and the fixed connection methods include the steel beam perforated and bolted fixing method and the welding connection plate on the steel beam and then connected and fixed. It should be noted that the drilling or welding of the connecting plate on the steel beam should be completed before the steel beam is installed.

9: The entire door is installed, and the power is turned on to run the test.

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