Structural characteristics and advantages of car scissor lift


The car scissor lift uses a permanent magnet synchronou […]

The car scissor lift uses a permanent magnet synchronous traction machine that is energy-saving, environmentally friendly, stable in operation, low in noise, and small in space.
Structural characteristics of car scissor lift:
1. The structure is simple, no reduction box is needed, the process is simpler, and the volume and weight are reduced, and the utilization rate of the effective space is improved.
2. Low vibration and low noise, especially in the low-speed working area, the advantages are more obvious, the work is stable, and the speed regulation accuracy is high. Geared traction elevator noise is mainly caused by the mechanical vibration and noise of the gearbox and the high-speed rotating motor itself. Since gearless traction does not require a reduction box, the rated speed of the motor is very low, so the vibration and noise of the motor itself are very small, thereby greatly reducing the noise of the entire elevator system.
3. The car scissor lift realizes gearless speed regulation and does not require the secondary deceleration process, which saves gearbox losses and improves efficiency. After the use of permanent magnets for excitation, no excitation current is required, no excitation loss, and the efficiency of the system can also be improved.
4. The power factor is too high. The energy coefficient can reach more than 0.9.
5. It is safe, reliable and comfortable; it is driven by a permanent magnet synchronous motor, which can effectively prevent the elevator from slipping. At the same time, the motor can also provide sufficient torque at low frequency, low pressure, and low speed to prevent the elevator from shaking during the start-up retarding process, and improve the comfort of the elevator's braking process.
6. Machine-room-less elevators with various traction modes can be arranged, even if the machine room and small machine room are arranged, they can show a high degree of freedom and flexibility.

Advantages of car scissor lift

1. After the installation and unloading of the landing gear is completed, the load of the elevator drops sharply, and the force of the car is uneven. This method is very different from the way that ordinary freight elevators gradually load and unload goods gradually. The structural design of the vehicle lift should adapt to this characteristic.
2. There are two control button boxes in the car, so that the driver can operate the elevator without leaving the car;
3. The rated load is more than 3 tons, the car area is large, and all kinds of small cars can be loaded;
4. The setting of front and rear through doors makes it convenient for vehicles to enter and exit the elevator.
5. There is a car suitable for vehicle transportation.