The equipment appears to be working hydraulically abnormally


When the mobile lifting platform has abnormal working h […]

When the mobile lifting platform has abnormal working hydraulic pressure, some points can be taken to try:
1. Is the hydraulic oil model accurate? In summer, the No. 68 hydraulic oil is not suitable for working at low temperatures due to its high viscosity. If the oil is used in the low temperature environment in winter, the direct problem is that the working pressure is insufficient, and the lifting equipment cannot rise to the normal height, which will damage the equipment for a long time. At this time, please replace the hydraulic oil No. 46 in winter. When replacing, you need to empty the cylinder.
2. Whether the hydraulic oil is used for a long time and has not been replaced. After a period of time, the wear-resistant hydraulic oil will decrease the wear resistance and cause the working pressure to be insufficient. Please replace the new hydraulic oil.
3. Check whether the oil cylinder leaks and the contact between the support arms is lubricated. Check the sealing property of the whole equipment. When there is a problem with the sealing, repair it in time to solve the problem.
4. Check the hydraulic oil filter. After a period of use, the hydraulic oil filter will collect and filter the fine particles. As the fine particles increase, the pressure in the hydraulic system will increase, which may result in insufficient power and hydraulic pressure. The pump and motor are overheating.