The main performance of the translational induction door


The automatic door( […]

The automatic door( is the favorite door device of all families. With the development of technology, it has become more and more popular. As an automatic door, it can be used in small spaces, homes, offices, restaurants, etc. Simplify installation including installation, keep the level and verticality of the door operator, then hang up the door operator, and then connect it with the door body of your choice, install the anti-sway device and carry out some decoration according to the customer .

There are many types of automatic induction doors.

First of all, the translational induction door group consists of the following components:

1. The main controller: It is the command center of the automatic door. It sends out corresponding instructions through a large-scale integrated block with internal instruction programs to direct the work of motors or electric lock systems; at the same time, people use the main controller to adjust the opening speed of the door leaf, Turn on parameters such as amplitude.

2. Inductive detector: It is responsible for collecting external signals, just like people's eyes. When a moving object enters its working range, it will give the main controller a pulse signal;

3. Power motor: Provide the main power for opening and closing the door, and control the acceleration and deceleration of the door leaf.

4. Door leaf travel track: Just like the railroad track of a train, the wheel system of the door leaf spreader restrains the door leaf to travel in a specific direction.

5. Door spreader wheel walking system: used for hanging movable door leaf, while driving the door leaf to run under power traction.

6. ​​Timing belt (some manufacturers use V-belt): used to transmit the power produced by the motor, and to pull the wheel system of the door spreader.

7. Lower guide system: It is a guide and positioning device for the lower part of the door leaf to prevent the door leaf from swinging before and after the door leaf is in operation.