What are the benefits of installing induction automatic doors?


Today, with the rapid development of automation devices […]

Today, with the rapid development of automation devices, induction automatic doors have penetrated into every corner of our lives. Automatic doors are mainly installed in densely populated areas, such as large shopping malls, office buildings, etc. Automatic doors have brought a lot of convenience to our lives. For this reason, the editor of induction automatic doors summarizes the major benefits of installing automatic doors, so that everyone Have a deep understanding of automatic doors.
In addition to beautifying the entrance and exit environment, induction automatic doors also have functions such as energy saving (air conditioning), dustproof, and noise isolation. Points to note when buying automatic doors. It is best to choose a brand produced by a professional manufacturer when buying induction automatic doors. If so, it’s best to get information about the manufacturer. Such as: the manufacturer’s corporate background, strength, market share, warranty period, warranty scope, and the ability and location of the organization to provide warranty services

The automatic sliding door is currently the most widely used automatic door variety. Various types of entrances and exits can be used, but the entire system must be specially made, which has certain requirements and restrictions on the installation environment. The swing type automatic door is the same as the door opening method we use daily, and can be installed on the basis of the existing manual swing door. The door can be modified and upgraded without more changes; especially the top-mounted type has easy construction Specialty, therefore, it is convenient to use the product regardless of whether it is a new project or a reconstruction project. Due to the high requirements of equipment manufacturing technology and strong professionalism, there are relatively few brands to choose from.


The production cost of pure glass doors is lower and the permeability is better; the production cost of framed glass doors is higher, which is stable, atmospheric, safe and reliable. Therefore, when the door opening is small, the pure glass door is usually used. When the door opening is large, the framed glass door is usually used. However, for entrances and exits with high wind, it is better to use a framed door. In fact, automatic doors can be made into all kinds of door bodies that we see in our daily life. However, the application of automatic doors in our country is not very extensive. They are mainly used in the entrance and exit of buildings, and these entrances and exits are basically It is customary to use glass as the door body.
What are the benefits of using induction automatic doors? Generally speaking, sensors for induction automatic doors are generally installed on the lintel, but if your automatic door is installed on the ceiling, it will look seamless if you install a pair of ceiling sensors. For star-rated hotels, a pair of large-range, high-sensitivity sensors are combined with a static safety sensor. In addition to providing customers with thoughtful service, it also ensures foolproof safety; if your automatic door is close to the sidewalk (such as a bank ), choose a narrow area sensor, you can completely solve the automatic door accidental opening caused by pedestrians on the sidewalk. Therefore, the sensor selection will have a greater impact on the performance of the automatic door.
Environmental protection and energy saving, preventing indoor air-conditioning, indoor air-conditioning or heating outflow due to indoor air conditioning, achieving the ideal energy saving effect. It is easy to pass, as long as people approach the door, the door will automatically open, and when you leave the door, the door will automatically close. The lintel package decoration can be made of marble, aluminum composite panel, aluminum alloy, stainless steel, wood board, wood board and white ash. The beam of the door can be channel steel or steel frame. The way to open the door can be through the sensor head to open the door, or it can be configured to open the door by swiping the card. The guide rail is made of aluminum alloy profile, the transmission structure is reasonable, and the service life is over 1 million times. The door body is made of 12mm tempered glass with high transparency and simple structure. The movable door runs smoothly and is suitable for the entrance of hotels, clubs, office buildings and various exhibition halls.