What are the classification of lifts


The platform lift can be widely used in various industr […]

The platform lift can be widely used in various industries such as machinery, metallurgy, construction, chemical industry, medical treatment, culture and health. It can accurately control and adjust the height of lifting or propelling according to a certain program, and can be directly driven by an electric motor or other power, or manually.

(1) According to different structures of elevators: scissor lifts, cylinder lifts, aluminum alloy (column) lifts, crank lifts (replacement of folding arms), chain lifts (elevators, freight elevators).
(2) It can be divided according to different ways of movement: mobile elevator, fixed elevator, wall-mounted elevator, folding elevator, traction elevator, self-propelled elevator, vehicle-mounted (battery, diesel) elevator, etc.
(3) The car lift is to install the lift on the car, which is mainly used for field wiring and street lamp maintenance. The car is equipped with a driver, and the car's own power is used to drive the lifting work, and it can work normally when there is no power supply. The car elevator has a fast walking speed, fast erection, and convenient use. A protective fence is installed on the lifting table, which has high safety performance and stable lifting. Mainly used for high-altitude maintenance of transportation, power, municipal and oil fields.
(4) The two mast mast elevator is made of high-strength materials. The structure is elegant and compact, and the weight of the whole machine is extremely light. It is very convenient to carry out and go up and down the building, and can pass through the general hall. You can enter and exit the elevator at will. And it consumes less power, no noise, no pollution, and does not hurt the ground when working. Can be used for wall sticking. The two sets of mast support working platforms are simultaneously lifted and have excellent working stability; the overall lifting guardrail device has good strength, greatly reduces the height of the whole machine during transportation, and is very convenient for loading and unloading. It can be equipped with a gantry span; it has the same convenient mobility as a single mast, and the support and retreat structure is the same as a single mast platform; it has better carrying capacity and is suitable for no more than two people to climb at the same time.
(5) Other product categories: special customized lifts, miniature electric lifts, telescopic table lifts