What does the license plate recognition system need to overcome?


The current license plate recognition system mainly aut […]

The current license plate recognition system mainly automatically captures the license plate information, and then automatically authorizes the lifting of the barriers through the recognition of the license plate information. When the traffic volume is large, the car owner can enter and exit the parking lot in just one second through the license plate recognition. The use of license plate recognition technology has brought great convenience, but there is also a serious problem, that is, the recognition rate of the license plate directly affects the recognition rate of the system. However, in practical applications, there are many factors that restrict the recognition rate of the license plate recognition system.
The most direct is unlicensed cars. There is no way to identify a car without a license plate. This leads to unlicensed cars directly causing license plate recognition failure. In addition, extreme weather may also cause the performance of the license plate identification system to be unstable. For example, heavy rain, sandstorms, and blizzards may cause the license plate to be obscured or unclear, which causes the license plate identification computer to be very affected when it is working. Big impact. On the other hand, during the actual application of the license plate recognition system, the on-site situation may be different from the inspection. The confusion between motor lanes and pedestrian lanes may cause pedestrians to block the license plate, and also cause problems with the performance of the license plate recognition system.
ETC parking is based on the license plate recognition management system, using ETC technology in smart parking lots, using ETC+ license plate recognition, realizing non-stop toll and unattended, making the recognition rate of vehicles entering and exiting parking close to 100% infinitely. Standards, real-name management, one vehicle, one card, one label, vehicle identity information is protected by a financial-level national key, and the nationwide network operation is more accurate and safer.
ETC parking lot advantages
1. Strong user base
The user base is strong, with over 3.5 million existing ETC users, 70% motor vehicle installation rate, and more than 60 million ETC users nationwide. Users have good ETC charging habits, which significantly improves parking lot charging management.
2. Save operating costs
The ETC dedicated lanes can automatically deduct fees unattended, saving labor costs and management costs.
3. Improve operational efficiency
After using the ETC parking system, the lane system automatically completes the transaction deduction, and there is no need to issue an invoice on the spot. The average transaction time for a single lane is reduced from 14 seconds for manual charging to 3 seconds.
4. Solve management problems
Solve the charging loopholes in card swiping devices (card escape, card loss, etc.). Solve the problems of long-term rental cars, fixed cars, military vehicles, and multiple cars per person. Completely eliminate the possible financial risks of tax evasion, counterfeit currency, illegal embezzlement and cash flow in traditional fees.