What is The main performance of the translational induction door


There are many types of automatic induction doors. Firs […]

There are many types of automatic induction doors.

First of all, the translational induction door group consists of the following components:

1. The main controller: It is the command center of the automatic door. It sends out corresponding instructions through a large-scale integrated block with internal instruction programs to direct the operation of motors or electric lock systems; at the same time, people use the main controller to adjust the opening speed of the door Turn on parameters such as amplitude.

2. Induction detector: It is responsible for collecting external signals, just like people's eyes. When a moving object enters its working range, it will give a pulse signal to the main controller;

3. Power motor: Provides the main power for opening and closing the door, and controls the door leaf to accelerate and decelerate.

4. Door leaf travel track: Just like the railroad tracks of a train, the wheel system of the door spreader restrains the door leaf to travel in a specific direction.

5. Door spreader wheel walking system: used to hang movable door leaf, and at the same time drive the door leaf to run under power traction.

6. ​​Timing belt (some manufacturers use V-belt): used to transmit the power produced by the motor, and to pull the wheel system of the door spreader.

7. Lower guide system: It is a guide and positioning device for the lower part of the door leaf to prevent the door leaf from swinging back and forth during operation.

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