What should be paid attention to in daily maintenance of hydraulic lift


Pay attention to derusting and antirust during daily ma […]

Pay attention to derusting and antirust during daily maintenance of hydraulic lift

For long-term exposure to the hydraulic lift, the wind and the sun and rain will inevitably rust. Painting the hydraulic elevator can be said to be an effective measure to prevent its rust. The manufacturer should pay attention to the complete derusting of the support rod, the upper frame and the bottom frame before painting. Aluminum alloy lift
In this regard, the rust removal methods are mechanical rust removal and the use of rust removers. The use of rust remover is based on the principle of chemistry. This method is fast and has high rust removal efficiency. But relatively speaking, the cost of using rust remover to remove rust on the iron support is higher. Mechanical descaling is a very common method for large steel structures such as steel plates and steel. Aluminum alloy lift

The rust removal speed is faster and faster, and the effect is relatively good. Relatively speaking, the cost of rust removal is low. While removing rust, it can also remove burrs and debris on the surface, which has a certain beautification effect on the surface. High controllability. It is necessary for the relevant staff to do this work carefully and patiently to ensure that the next rust removal work can be completed better. Aluminum alloy lift
No matter what kind of paint can not stand the baptism of time. The role of paint is to protect the quality of the steel plates inside and reduce the degree of corrosion. It is also a protective measure to prolong the service life of the equipment. The painting of the hydraulic elevator is carried out about three times. Depending on the material, the climate of the customer's location, etc., the number will be even more.

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