Automatic Gates and Sliding Gates Factory

Automatic Gates and Sliding Gates

AOYAMA automatic commercial doors welcome visitors, guide traffic, and help preserve indoor climate zones. Sliding, swing, and revolving storefront systems, including commercial entrance doors, offer many ways to provide convenience, secure entrances and meet accessibility standards in any building.

Automatic Gates and Sliding Gates

Product Details

  1. Energy efficient ,Sound proof window, Water proof
  2. Aluminium profile Thickness: 1.4/2.0mm thickness with thermal break
  3. Simple structure, easy installation, easy cleaning
  4. Suitable for families, units, plate such as hotels.
  5. Green building materials,resource recovery


Product details

Aluminum Profiles

Aluminum Alloy

ALU Wall Thickness

Surface Finishing and Color


1.2mm--2.0mm, Normally 1.4mm for window, 2.0mm for door

Anodized, Sliver & Bronze

Powder Coating,  color should be confirm with buyer

Electrophoresis, Sliver& Champagne


With thermal break aluminum system design for more energy saving function





Float glass

Single: 4mm -12mm,    Double Glazing (With 6A/9A/12A/27A space) 

clear/super clear/ tinted blue/green/coffee brown/grey

Insulated double glass

Insulated triple glass

Reflective glass

Low-E glass

Tempered glass

Laminated glass

Customized art glass

Production standard

Basis on the shop drawings which approved by the buyer 

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