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Platform Screen Door

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Main Features
1.Stainless steel or alumimium alloy welded doorframe is used with bonded tempered glass structure, boasting high strength and aesthetic appearance;
2.The limitation of door body movement function and the setting of obstacle detection function ensure that passengers will not be squeezed by the door;
3.Driving by DC brushless motor and transmission by toothed synchronous belt enables stepless speed adjustment to assure the steady door body movement;
4.Thanks to modular design, assembly and adjustment is convenient and the construction term is shortened effectively;
5. The site construction is convenient thanks to few civil interfaces.

Working Principal :

1.Design is upper hanging lower driving. More stable and reliable.

2.Using system control , when bus arrive in station, the platform doors communicate with bus door by infrared to open and close at the same time with bus door.

3.When emergency, station worker can operator the platform door manually.

4.When emergency, the platform door can be power off and open manually.

5.When door closing and facing obstacle , the door open automatically.

These doors help to:

  • Prevent accidental falls off the platform onto the lower track area, suicide attempts and homicides by pushing.
  • Prevent or reduce wind felt by the passengers caused by the piston effect which could in some circumstances make people fall over
  • Reduce the risk of accidents, especially from service trains passing through the station at high speeds.
  • Improve climate control within the station (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning are more effective when the station is physically isolated from the tunnel).
  • Improve security — access to the tracks and tunnels is restricted.
  • Lower costs — eliminate the need for motormen or conductors when used in conjunction with Automatic Train Operation, thereby reducing manpower costs.
  • Prevent litter build up on the track, which can be a fire risk.
  • Improve the sound quality of platform announcements, as background noise from the tunnels and trains that are entering or exiting is reduced.


Full height PSDs which create a total barrier between the station floor and ceiling.

Platform edge doors (PEDs).These are full height but do not touch the ceiling and so do not create a total barrier. 

Platform safety gates (also known as platform gate doors ) are approximately half the height of PSDs reaching chest or waist height.Their primary purpose is to prevent passengers from falling off the platform edge onto the railway tracks. Like full-height platform screen doors, these platform gates slide open or close simultaneously with the train doors. As compared to platform screen doors, these half-height platform gates are relatively cheaper to install as they require less metallic framework for support.

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