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Industrial Door

The industrial door, as the best choice of the outdoor of the modern architecture, enjoys the perfect durability and sealing, the high speed, the elegant aprrearance, the simple operating system and the spring balanced system, which is used durably and cleaned easily with the special designing door panel. 

Industrial Door

Product Details

A.Industrial rolling door


Industrial rolling doors can satisfy a number of applications ranging from small commercial shutters to large warehouse doors ,with a number of colour finishes available .

Made with extruded aluminum slats, galvanized steel slat with polyurethane inside ,or aluminum slat polyurethane inside .These doors are able to withstand rough and high frequency use ,and adverse weather conditions.

B.Industrial lift doors


The door panel is made of double layer hot-dipped galvanized steel plate with especial thickness to make intension of the door with lare span .

Wireless remote control or button on control box can ensure the door is exactly in its position .

It will start-up automatically protection system ,if the chain was broken by accident .Anti-drop brake device  for steel rope and spring is used for industrial lift door in order to make sure door safer .Infrared monitoring will make the door stop automatically during its movement ,if any objects are getting across .

The window can be designed on the door board to make sure sufficient light inside the room .Small door in door is optional.

C.Industrial fast roll-up door


1. Scope of application: Logistics Corridor ,indoor partition ,outside diameter of 20 square meters in area within and outside the door ,with insulation ,dust ,noise abatement ,and the next flavor ,high efficiency ,the largest application of 7000mm*7000mm.

2.Material for framework :general type :all the main steel structure used cold-rolled steel sheet (2.5mm thick paint cold-rolled steel sheet processing ).(OPTIONAL)

Alloy type :Column aluminum profiles (surface antioxidant treatment).(OPTIONAL)

Stainless steel type :all the main use stainless steel structure .(OPTIONAL)

3.Draperies material :French-made high-density industrial Quib-do .The thickness :0.8mm or 1.5mm colors :blue ,yellow ,white ,orange ,gray or wholly transparent so many colors to choose from .

4.Wind pressure Performance :

           1). door hangings equipped with a wind-aluminum alloy ,the size of wind pressure by wind-election to the number of wind-The more wind pressure greater performance .

           2). the Japanese all -1.5mm transparent PVC film Perspective window ,increase the safety and convenience of management .

           3). sub-aluminum alloy with enhanced wind resistance ,also has draperies section features removable update.

5.Opened with the closing speed of (0.8-1.5m/sec), high-frequency HF opened (800-1000)/day.                                                                                             

D.Huge industrial lift door


Thickness of Panel: 40mm

Height of Terraced Area: 75mm

Materials: Colorful steel sheet, Polyurethane foam material

Steel Sheet Color: optional

Steel Sheet Thickness: 0.326mm-0.476mm

Surface Style: Wood-grain / Orange-peel

Panel Pattern: Ribbed / Pane

Width of Sectional Door: within 15m

Height of Sectional Door: within 10m

It is high strength and bending-resistant, the advancedtechnology and unique design make this kind of panel the best choice of industrial buildings such as large factory, huge storehouses and exhibition hall etc.


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