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Revolving Door

AOYAMA revolving door is simple and beautiful, economical and practical, which is widely used in office buildings, hotels, shopping malls, airports and other places, and at the same time, the entrance of the building and environment through the isolation of these two opposite safety requirements, effectively play the role of wind, dust, noise, and good safety in the security, anti pinch, anti-collision, speed control performance has superior performance, so as to improve the environment near the entrance, if plus the exhibition box, add more perfect decorative effect.

Revolving Door

Product Details


With the advantages of automatic revolvingdoor and automatic swing door, the user can select the desired function through the function control panel according to different seasons, occasions and needs. The middle automatic swing door can achieve a variety of action modes.


Three wings revolving door in the import and export of column and rotating exhibition box straight border, each with a set of contact with security sensor strip, the use of non-contact safety sensor, higher safety.


Drive control system more peace of mind:
1) High-efficiency drive, high torque, small size DCbrushless motors, the use of helical gear gearbox, when operating the sound is small, according to the actual situation of speed regulation, easy maintenance.
2) When you press the emergency stop button, you can push the door with hand rotation, more practical.




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