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Charging system

Fast charging your EV is very simple and now quite affordable with AOYAMA. You can quickly connect your EV to a charger in seconds, charge to 80% or more in less than hour, while you shop, eat, read, or relax. With AOYAMA’s convenient charging options, it is now as cheap or cheaper than gas to charge with AOYAMA.

Charging stations use cutting-edge hardware technology that’s rigorously tested to be safe and reliable. While our stations are rugged and built to withstand the elements, they also are designed to be driver-friendly, offering a premium charging experience.

Charging system

Product Details

Four levels:


1.Application:All-purpose charging for your employees, customers, residents or fleets
Charging Speed:25 RPH (miles of Range Per Hour)
Access:Public & Private
It is the right fit for property owners, businesses and municipalities that are looking for charging stations for their employees, customers, residents and fleets. They offer the complete set of capabilities that station owners need to manage EV drivers and fleets.

2.Application:Fleet depot charging and personal charging at multi-family homes
Charging Speed:25 RPH (miles of Range Per Hour)
Access:Private Only
It is designed for select fleet and multi-family applications. For fleets, stations are ideally suited for depot charging. For multi-family communities, stations are intended for personal charging in assigned parking spots.

3.Application:Fast charging for short dwell time parking and freeway corridor locations where drivers need to quickly recharge
Charging Speed:250 RPH (miles of Range Per Hour)
Access:Public & Private
The charging station allow property owners, businesses and municipalities to offer fast charging for all of today's EVs equipped with DC fast charging. With an embedded AC-to-DC converter, they directly charge vehicle batteries.
It can be used around towns, or near major roads where drivers need quick turnaround charging. It can also complement charging stations at workplaces, offering employees a quick charge when they need it.

4.Application:Ultra-fast and scalable charging on major roadways and in metros where drivers want to recharge at fastest charging speeds. Charging solutions for bus and truck fleets.

Charging Speed:fast capable of adding hundreds of miles of range in under 15 minutes

Access:Public & Private

This kind of station is a future-proof ultra-fast DC charging platform that grows with demand and accommodates the battery technologies of today’s and tomorrow's EVs. The modular, scalable architecture allows up to 4 Power Blocks to serve each station and send up to 500 kW to a single vehicle.

Station owners can expand charging capacity without any stranded investment by adding Power Modules, Stations and Power Blocks as demand increases.It is ideal for short dwell time parking, like freeway locations, metro fast charging centers and quick turnaround fleet charging.





Real-time location lookup,by appointment charging
Smartphone App,or RFID card 

Visualization operation,remote 
monitoring of charging station 
status,intelligent power



Intelligent identification of load,energy 
stabile output,real-time adjustment of 
input power



Rugged,rain-proof,anti-collision,anti-theft design meeting IP54.Six layers of electric protects,meeting GB-T,CE/CB standard.

Protection for overheating,overload,ground fault.

Suitable:home,hotel,shopping mall and parking areas.

Upstand and Wallbox(Wall-Mount) Style

The electric vehicle charging system is a high-performance integrated DC charging system designed by the company. The system uses the world's leading high-frequency switching power supply module, monitors the use of industrial-grade CPU chips, human-machine interface using industrial color touch screen.The product has the advantages of high reliability, high efficiency, high security,high availability, beautiful appearance, and excellent technology.


Charging module:


  1. Using active power factor compensation technology, rated power factor value of 0.99.

    With comprehensive soft-switching technology, the rated efficiency is up to 94%.

    3.Ultra-low radiation. Advanced electromagnetic compatibility design.

    4.The safety specification design complies with UL, CE, NEBS standards.

    5.High power density.

    6.With output overvoltage hardware protection and output overvoltage software

    7.Protection. There are two options for software overvoltage protection: one overvoltage lockout mode and two overvoltage lockout modes.

1.The AC input voltage has a normal operating range of 260Vac to 530Vac.

2.Perfect battery management. With battery low voltage protection, it can realize temperature compensation, automatic voltage regulation, stepless current limiting and other functions.

3.Convenient and simple operation interface, fast maintenance interface

4.Perfect AC side lightning protection design. 

5.Complete fault protection and fault alarm function.

6.The system has an insulation fault ground alarm function.


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