Dumbwaiter Manufacturers


AOYAMA ELEVATOR with high safety standards to create sundry elevators, with excellent quality and innovative appearance, in a variety of forms to serve all kinds of buildings. AOYAMA sundries elevator is small and flexible and simple in structure. It provides a quick, convenient and economical vertical transportation for small cargo staircase in all kinds of buildings, so as to improve people's good life.
AOYAMA dumbwaiter elevators specially provide rapid, convenient and economic vertical transport means of diets, beverages, dinnerware, money, files, books and so on. Dumbwaiter elevators are widely used in hotels, libraries, laboratories, office buildings, banks and other places.


Product Details



Diversified lift car design
Many design, material for the customer free to choose, the greatest degree of meet the personalized selection of architectural style and taste.

  Technical Specification


Load(kg) Speed(m/s) Max. Travel(m) Max.  Floors Cabin Size(mm) OP(mm) Shaft  Size(mm) Pit Overhead Motor  Power
CW*CD*CH SO/4P CO HW*HD S(mm) (mm) KW
100 0.4 20 6 750*750*1000 700*1000 1200*900 750 3600 2.2
200 0.4 20 6 1000*1000*1200 950*1200 1450*1150 1000 3600 2.2
300 0.4 20 6 1100*1100*1200 1050*1200 1550*1300 1000 3600 2.2

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