Public Commercial Escalators Wholesale

Heavy Duty Escalators, Heavy Commercial Escalator

AOYAMA escalator leads the industrial technology, its omnipresent humanized security design on the precision of mechanical parts perfectly interprets the design concept of advanced technology, smooth and comfortable, safe and reliable, energy saving and environmental protection. AOYAMA escalator is committed to providing the most perfect solutions for urban transportation, providing a fun escalator delivery scheme for public places, such as shopping malls, subway, railway stations, and other public places, in order to alleviate urban traffic congestion.

Heavy Duty Escalators, Heavy Commercial Escalator

Product Details

Simple and Comfortable---Enjoy Comfortable Shopping


Adopting the advanced control system and reducer, high-class driven chain and precise installation technology to ensure the comfort of the product.



Advanced manufacturing technologies
Quality guarantee systems
Innovative design philosophy
Cutting edge technologies
Diverse functions



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