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Moving Walks

AOYAMA mobile sidewalk, with its excellent performance, flexible design style and economical and practical features, can well meet the needs of different customers. The improvement of safety, comfort and energy saving technology has improved the overall pace of product upgrading. AOYAMA mobile walker is widely used in airports, shopping malls, supermarkets, playgrounds and other places, and is committed to add bright colors to urban traffic. 

Moving Walks

Product Details

Safe and Stable


Moving walks became an essential part of public transportation in ample train stations, airports and shopping malls. Whenever people carry bags, baggage or trolleys, sloped moving walks provide traffic throughput and safest way.
The anti-skid slot design of the short pedal surface possesses good non-skid property and makes the usage safe and comfortable. The extreme small angle of inclination of the broach ensures the shopping cart easily pushed to the walkway. The short pedal directly connects with the transmission chain, ensuring the moving walk operates more smooth and steady and the product maintenance easier. 

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