Lead Rail Car Lift Platform Factory

Lead Rail Car Lift Platform

This series of products with high precision transmission, lifting balance, simple operation, low failure rate, high strength chain driven, large carrying capacity, long service lift, high safety coefficient, double chain lifting, safe and stable, adjustable screw, ensure that the platform level, automobile smooth lifting, large capacity pumping station, lifting speed, sound operation low, beautiful appearance, firm structure. Widely used in the car 4S shop, large repair shop, large model car park, etc., for the vehicle to enhance or three-dimensional parking, can also used as cargo.

Lead Rail Car Lift Platform

Product Details



  • For car to high-rise, can also be used for automobile repair.
  • Double insurance safety, ensure personal safety equipment.
  • Tolerance ability, high tensile strength.
  • Each rotating shaft parts with wear-resistant components, to ensure the equipment running flexible.

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