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Wheelchair Lift Platform

Wheelchair lift platform consists of lifting platform, guide and drive box: the lifting platform is composed of C steel as the main component, the “AOYAMA bridge self reset switch operation, no pit installation, directly fixed on the concrete floor (under the bottomless pit outside circumstances, the concrete ground under the platform shall not be lower than the surrounding ground), the base plate can go down manually when the hydraulic valve is manually opened; the hydraulic drive, stable and safe lifting, external interface uses stainless steel material and aluminum plate electrostatic spray / chassis panel, small and beautiful appearance, does not hinder the surrounding environment. The lift is installed directly on the ground without construction supporting pit, the construction is simple, not easy to accumulate water, not easy to rust, easy maintenance, lifting height is 1-6 meters.

Wheelchair Lift Platform

Product Details

Safety Devices






Platform size




Max lifted height


Lifting speed


Load capacity


Type of entrance & exit

90° or 180°


Checkered plate

Auto-flap working angle

75° turn up after lifting, it can protect the wheelchair lift slip out platform.



Driving system

Hydraulic or screw

Control voltage



0.75kw 220V/AC or 110V/AC or according to your voltage

Lift control

Self-resetting system

Overload protection

Over-current relay control

Working temperature


Install type

Non-pit installation, directly fixed to concrete floor.

Emergency stop

The lifting and lowering process can be controlled by pressing the emergency button.

Manual control

Press the manual valve or turning screw.

Safety fence

The lift will stop when the safety fence meets obstacle.

  Optional Devices




Safe shaft

Aluminum alloy, glass shaft

Door protection device

The safety door and the platform are equipped with an electronic lock linkage circuit to ensure safety.

DC model

Built-in battery automatic power supply system to ensure the normal use of machine after power off.

Auxiliary control

The wired control box can be installed in the client’s location and the operation of the machine circuit linkage operation.

Case panel

304 stainless steel wire drawing board

Platform guard

304 stainless steel wire drawing board

Lifting height

Can provide 8000mm (platform from the ground) models  based on customer’s needs.

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