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PJS Mini Home Car Parking Management system

Simply lifts the first car parked so that another vehicle can be parked below.  tilts the plat forms at an angle, allowing access to the two vertical parking spaces in a compact fashion. Every model can be designed differently to accommodate the user’s needs. If the parking slots are often used for bigger cars such as minivans the height of the stack parkers can be adjusted accordingly to fit almost any typically designed automobiles.

This parking system is designed 2 spaces of up and down as one unit. The bottom car can go in and out directly. When the upper space needs to park a car, the car in the bottom should be driven out.

PJS Mini Home Car Parking Management system

Product Details



Doubles the parking spaces

1 driving level = 2 parking levels = cost saving

Independent parking

Low maintenance costs

High level of operating and functional safety according to EN norms

Carrying capacity per platform / per car available with 2000kg and 2600kg.



1. Super low height requirement: 3.1m
2. Simple & Easy: Both 380V and 220V power source
3. No extra foundations: Ordinary cement floor, Min. thickness 130mm
4. Simple installation: Fixing by bolts only
5. Convenient handling: Equipment can be easily moved in full set
6. Easy operation and convenient: similar to the home key switch
7. Environment friendly: Energy saving, less power consumption
8. Safe and reliable: Safety devices ensure the reliability


Technical specification



Upper layer

Ground layer

Vehicle parameters

Length (mm)



Width (mm)



Height (mm)



Weight (mm)



Elevating speed (m/min)


Power supply


Transmission mode


Operating mode

Key switch

  The advantages:


1.Simple and compact structure; economical and practical.

2.PLC intelligent control;simple and convenient.

3.Equipped with multiple safety protection devices.

4.Equipped with abrupt stop button to ensure safe working conditions. 5.The upper parking space is used the same as the general ground parking  spaces.

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