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Layers Puzzle

A smart design for two levels without pit independent parking facility. Entrance level platforms move laterally and upper level platforms move vertically, with always one platform less at the entrance level. To bring down upper platform for parking in or out, the platforms at the entrance level will first move to one side to provide an empty space into which the required platform is lowered.It is a simple Hydraulic lifting and lowering technique used to park two cars one above the other. 

Layers Puzzle

Product Details



Variable arrangement of 2 - 10 grids beside one another

Combination of stacking and moving cars closer together

Independent parking in 2 levels above each other

Multi size options corresponding to car heights, car widths and platform loadings

Easy operation and parking comfort

Low-wear, proven hydraulic systems

High level of operating and functional safety according to EN norms


Type & Classification


The equipment each parking space has a car board, through car boards going up, down and sliding to the ground, then the driver goes into the garage, parks or picks a car, finishes the whole procedure.

This 2-layer parking system includes lots of safety devices: Emergency stop, chain detecting device, anti-falling device, warning light, photoelectric sensor etc, to ensure the security.

Max specification


Weight (kg)


Transmission mode


Operation mode

Button/touch screen/IC card

Elevating speed


Horizontal sliding speed


Number of layers


Power supply

AC 50Hz 3-phase 380V



1.Driven by the motor chain, low noise, smooth operation.

2.Configure multiple safety detection devices to ensure safe and reliable operation.

3. Flexible parking solutions, car quantity customized

4. Rich erection/installation experience

5. Structure of the surface with hot dip galvanized, durable

6.Automatic PLC control, simple operation, the use of buttons, ID card, remote control or body recognition and other ways to control.

Application Range

(1) This equipment can provide many different parking options according to specific terrain conditions. 

(2) It can increase twice car parking spaces on the same area. 

(3) This equipment is simple and reliable, transmission system runs smoothly and quietly, saving much energy and good for environmental protection. 

(4) It is suitable for hotels, private houses, enterprises, public institutions, basements, and etc.

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