Rotary Parking System Factory

Rotary Parking System

AOYAMA Simple Lift Parking adopt mechanical motion vertical circulation parking spaces make each group according to master smart card automatically rotate to the set position. It is doing circular motion in vertical direction of the ground. Its working principle to activate the driving mechanism by gear motor, the car brackets are installed at regular intervals on the traction chain, through the cycle movement to access vehicle.

Rotary Parking System

Product Details

Rotary Parking System

Safety Device

Emergency brake, over length detection, mechanism detect people or car entering

Operation Mode

Button/IC card

Car Dimension 


Car Quantity


Enter Method

Forward entry, backward exit

Brake System

AC normally closed brake system



It adopts advanced technology
It is convenient and quick to store the car, and it takes 20 seconds for each vehicle to store and deposit the vehicle.
It has the configuration frequency converter, the whole machine runs more smoothly, saves more energy and the noise is lower.
It has the parking anti-swing device to effectively prevent the wobble of the load plate.
Easy to assemble and move, using PLC automatic shunting, intelligent access vehicle can be completed with one swipe card.

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