License plate recognition Parking Pay System Factory

License plate recognition Parking Pay System

AOYAMA pay parking system integrates license plate recognition integrated machine, parking lot charging display, license plate recognition and billing software, and intelligent barriers. These form a complete intelligent license plate recognition pay parking system. The pay parking system is identified by the easy-to-park license plate. The fixed-vehicle’s access can realize uninterrupted traffic, and automatically released after paying. The entire pay parking system has a simple structure which is stable, reliable and convenient to install, maintain and use.

License plate recognition Parking Pay System

Product Details

Classic Edition


Government agencies, enterprises and institutions, residential quarters, general hospitals, institutions of higher learning, etc.

License plate recognition machine

Double line display

Intelligent barrier

Parking management host Column



High recognition rate, stable and reliable system

One-key setting, simple installation and debugging

No ground loop, all video recognition



Exit Equipment  :
1. Parking barrier gate 
2. Entry control machine (RFID card dispenser) 
3. Loop detector 

Exit Equipment :
1. Parking barrier gate
2. Exit control machine (RFID card reader)
3. Loop detector 

Mangement Center:
1. Management software
2. Temporary Card Charger
3. Main Interphone
4. Communication converter

Image Contrast System(Optional)
1. CCTV Camera 
2. Power Supply
3. LED fill light
4. Camera stand column
5. Video Capture Card


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