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Outbound call button control type

The card reader is installed outside the elevator, and the passengers need to swipe outside the elevator, the person who don’t have the card can’t take the elevator, which is safe and energy-saving, and the price is lower than other models;

Floor button control type

The card reader is installed inside the elevator. Each elevator only needs to install one card reader. The integrated input cost is low, and it has the functions of time counting, paying and time limiting.

Economical type: It realizes the extensive management of floor. The card holder can reach any floors after swiping the card. It is suitable for the people in the community who are familiar with each other.

Standard type A: It realizes the fine management of the floor. The owner can choose the authorized floors after swiping the card, (the authorized floor can be a single floor or multiple floors), and the other non-authorized floors have invalid buttons. It guarantees the privacy and security between the floors, and is suitable for the use of pure commercial buildings.

Standard type B: It also realizes the fine management of the floor. The difference from the standard type A is that the owner automatically arrives at the floor after swiping the card, and does not need to press the button to select the layer;

Luxury type: The guest system is added on the basis of the standard type, which realizes the linkage function with the building intercom system. It is an excellent solution to the passenger riding problem when visiting. It is suitable for the high-end residential communities and greatly improved the level of the community. It does not change the owner's original lifestyle while ensuring the security of the building.

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