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Elevator Monitoring System

The composition of AOYAMA elevator monitoring system: It must take the computer as the core to form an intelligent security system so as to complete the required monitoring tasks. At the same time, as a subsystem of the intelligent building BAS, it must communicate with the central management computer or building management system(BMS) and fire control system so that it can be integrated with the BAS system.

Elevator Monitoring System

Product Details

The entire system consists of a main controller, direct digital control(DDC), cathode ray tube(CRT), printer, remote console and serial communication network. The main controller takes 32-bit microcomputer as a core, which is generally a CPU redundant structure, so it has high reliability. It communicates serially with the control panel located in each elevator machine room to monitor each elevator.


It is easy to monitor and operate because of using the high-definition large-screen color display. The main controller has serial communication functions with the host computer (or BMS system) and the security system to form a whole with the BAS. The system has a strong display function. In addition to displaying the operating status of each elevator under normal conditions, the dedicated screen will instead the normal display surface when a disaster or malfunction occurs. And when it is necessary to control the operation or an abnormality occurs, the operation sequence and necessary measures can be displayed on the screen. The sequence and necessary measures are, so disasters and faults can be quickly handled and the ability to monitor the elevators can be improved.


The running state of the elevator can be directly intervened by the manager on the CRT with a light pen or a mouse to start and stop any elevator at any time as needed. The operation of the elevator and the timing of the fault are recorded by the printer and sent to the upper management computer (or BMS). When an abnormal situation such as a fire occurs, the fire monitoring system sends an alarm and control information to the elevator monitoring system in time, and the main controller of the elevator monitoring system sends corresponding control signals to the corresponding elevator DDC devices to bring them into a predetermined working state.

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