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Security System

AOYAMA Security System is an advanced, reliable, and user-friendly monitoring software suite that features a truly distributed architecture. High availability databases and hot standby system functionality assures compliance and peace of mind. We specialize in Monitoring system which be widely used in factory and mining enterprises, intelligent residential areas, villas, schools, hospitals, banks, supermarkets, hotels, guesthouses, places of entertainment, etc. Especially our security system for elevator is professional. 

Security System

Product Details

AOYAMA security system measures and calculates the most important operating states of the transformer and its components. This enables them to fulfill all current standards. Sensors can be connected via digital or analog inputs. The operating states are displayed locally in a browser and can be sent to the control room using conventional control system protocols. This is a perfect method for monitoring the operating states of your equipment. Thanks to ISM Intuitive Control Interface , on-site commissioning can be carried out quickly and easily with an intuitive graphical interface.

These systems have a modular design, which allows them to be configured to fulfill various requirements for monitoring and controlling power transformers.


Features and Benefits


Built-in system and database redundancy for compliance and peace of mind

Particle counter data buffer redundancy for unexpected communications failure

Secure, high availability, high speed SQL databases enables real-time mirror database back up

Buddy option, complete system automatic failover functionality on computer failure, no manual intervention required

Meets all regulatory guidelines for GMP life science applications:

Fully GAMP® compliant  

Intuitive operation ensures the right information reaches the right people:

Alarm display, notification and acknowledgement

User configurable system views, status windows and  multi-level maps

Demonstrates compliance using powerful user defined reporting, auto reporting and easy data export tools

With memory function, after power-off and restart, it can automatically restore the state before power-off;

Horizontal 360° unlimited rotation, vertical 0~90°, the bottom automatically flips 180°;

Low power consumption, using 30 high-intensity infrared lamps, imported lenses, distance vision distance up to 40m;

Adopting a new light source, the infrared lamp has high brightness, long illumination distance, uniform light field distribution and long service life;

The infrared light board adopts an aluminum substrate, has small heat generation and fast heat dissipation, and can effectively extend the service life of the infrared light;

The thermostat controller can be added according to the needs of the user environment.

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